AI FRESH Engine Review

Introducing AI FRESH Engine: Transforming Notion Clicks into 24/7 Commissions, Earning up to $337/Day

  • Launches: Saturday 24th June @ 9AM EST 
  • Closes: Tuesday 27th June @ 11.59PM EST

Are you looking to earn commissions through Notion in 2023? Look no further! Now you can leverage the power of two cutting-edge AI engines: the AI Fresh Engine and its chat GPT companion.

The AI Fresh Engine is a robust affiliate tool that harnesses the potential of free daily clicks derived from the vast collection of Notion templates. With access to hundreds of thousands of templates covering various applications, this engine empowers you to launch an affiliate site that can generate an impressive $30,000 per month.

Accompanying the AI Fresh Engine is the chat GPT companion. This intelligent assistant constructs a highly profitable website for you and seamlessly integrates it with the steady flow of daily Notion traffic. In just a matter of hours, you can start attracting prospective Notion buyers.

Your website will be fully equipped to generate income from the get-go. The AI Fresh Engine and its chat GPT companion work harmoniously as exceptional “cash engines,” enabling you to effortlessly convert clicks into consistent commissions throughout 2023. These tools not only drive traffic and bring in potential buyers, but they also simplify the entire process.

You don’t need any technical expertise or prior experience; simply plug in your affiliate links and witness the commissions rolling in.

By utilizing the AI Fresh Engine, you gain access to an extensive library of Notion templates. Select the ones that align with your objectives, and let the AI Fresh Engine take care of the rest. It will secure the free daily clicks necessary to kick-start your journey.

Furthermore, the chat GPT companion constructs a revenue-generating website tailored to your needs. Once connected to the stream of Notion traffic, your website will be primed to generate profits.

The AI Fresh Engine and its chat GPT companion are invaluable tools that simplify the process of earning substantial commissions from Notion in 2023. If you’re ready to monetize Notion effectively, look no further than the AI Fresh Engine and its chat GPT companion – the perfect tools for you. Start capitalizing on the power of AI today!


The frontend for AI FRESH is smoking. And the upsell funnel is stacked! 

Expect the frontend to be your best-performing f/e offer in a long time… and then the upsell flow is going to make your EPCs NEXT LEVEL, especially with new order bumps! 

Frontend – AI FRESH  – $17-23 (hourly dimesale!) + ORDER BUMP *NEW*

The core software that builds an instant website, preloaded with ALL our top evergreen campaigns of 2023, then gets Notion traffic to the site. How? With our new AI engine that creates daily unique content (with a powerful “neural net” content creator). It’s the combination of these two engines – affiliate and Notion traffic – that make this cloud-based software so powerful, and profitable

Upsell1 – Pro/Unlimited Edition – $47 + ORDER BUMP *NEW*

Create unlimited websites, profiting with unlimited campaigns and getting unlimited traffic. Why make money from a few campaigns when you can profit with unlimited affiliate programs, getting unlimited Notion clicks for life. Also includes advanced features like the ability to add list-building code, retargeting code etc!

Upsell2 – DFY Edition – $197 + ORDER BUMP *NEW*

Let my team set everything up for you. We will configure your A.I FRESH website with your affiliate link, preload products and setup your campaigns (perfectly optimized for Notion traffic), tweak settings etc, etc. 

Upsell3 – Pure Traffic Edition – $67 + ORDER BUMP *NEW*

Make 100% commissions with our products that sold over $500k. Guaranteed affiliate approval, then paste your link into your new A.I FRESH site, to make 100%… or promote the link anywhere you like. It’s like owning 10x of your own top-selling products but without any of the usual product creation headaches.

Upsell4 – Affiliate Edition – $97

Unlock even more affiliate campaigns -so your website has the best chance of making you money

Upsell5 – Resell Edition – $97

Earn 100% commissions on the frontend with this powerful software tool!

Upsell6 – Automation Edition – $197

Get access to all of my software tools in one exclusive bundle!

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