Grow Amazon Reviews Count: 9 Proven Methods in 2024

It goes without saying that customer feedback and product rankings are crucial to Amazon SEO. The higher a product is rated, the higher its organic ranking will be. While many vendors are aware of the value of reviews, they frequently struggle to obtain unvarnished consumer feedback.  

Do you have trouble getting Amazon product reviews? Aren’t your consumers spending the time to provide insightful feedback? 

Not to worry. “Grow Amazon Reviews Count”. But the journey is not smooth. It is a typical early-on obstacle for many salespeople. For this reason, we’re disclosing all the strategies used by seasoned Amazon merchants to obtain favorable customer ratings. Here are the most effective and lawful techniques to rapidly obtain product evaluations on Amazon. 

Why are product reviews on Amazon significant?

Positively Amazon feedback can directly affect other purchasers’ purchasing decisions, beyond merely being a measure to increase the listing’s SEO ranking. 95% of consumers check feedback before making a purchase, according to research undertaken by the Spiegel Study Centre. With more favorable product evaluations, the conversion rate likewise rises significantly. How significant is this distinction? Customers are 270 percent more inclined to purchase a product with five ratings than one with none.  

Evidently, a significant portion of customers’ decisions are influenced by Amazon product reviews. This is because one of the finest types of social evidence is product reviews. From a psychological standpoint, the majority of customers will seek the opinions of clients to support their choice. No one enjoys having buyer’s remorse. The easiest method to avoid regret is to make sure that other customers are pleased with the goods! A positive review frequently encourages purchasers who aren’t sure whether to buy. 

This holds true even for typical brick-and-mortar establishments. Nowadays, a lot of customers research products online before making a purchase at a nearby retail store. Word-of-mouth recommendations frequently outperform any marketing tactics that a brand may use.

This implies that review quality is crucial. More reviews do not automatically mean more sales unless the reviews are favorable. Because of this, Amazon considers the reviews’ quality rather than merely their quantity. Your product will be more relevant thanks to quality reviews, which will boost its position in Amazon’s search results.

How to improve Amazon product reviews

How can you increase your sales by utilizing this potent social proof? Prior to reading the evaluations, you must first make sure your product is excellent. Sell a quality product if you would like a favorable evaluation of it! It’s that easy. 

You’re more likely to receive a deluge of unfavorable reviews if the item you’re selling is subpar or if you’re misleading buyers about its advantages. Ask yourself these straightforward questions before deciding on something to sell: Would I suggest this to my friends? Would my relatives like to receive this item as a gift? Does the product work to fix the issue it claims to? If the response is no, do not anticipate a 5-star rating.

However, the issue goes beyond the particular item. When listing your goods on Amazon, you must exercise caution. Customers do not like to be uninformed, consequently, make sure you provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about your product using lists & the product description. The same is true with product pictures. Include photographs that are of the product from all angles and in excellent quality. Additionally, there needs to be no opportunity for misunderstanding regarding the product’s appearance and functionality. 

However, the problem extends beyond the specific thing. You must use caution while listing your products on Amazon. Customers dislike being in the dark, so use lists and product descriptions to ensure you provide them with all the knowledge they require to choose your product wisely. The same is valid for product images. Include high-quality images of the product taken from a variety of angles. Furthermore, there must be no room for confusion regarding the product’s look and capabilities. 

How to increase the number of Amazon product reviews

You already know the significance of product reviews on Amazon; let’s now look at how to acquire that 5-star rating. 

Send follow-up emails to stay in touch

Sounds simple enough? That’s correct, it is! 

Remember that many buyers are unaware of the significance of reviews for merchants. Sellers must explain why customer reviews are significant. If satisfied consumer is aware of how reviews benefit sellers on the Amazon Marketplace, they are far more inclined to do so. 

How do you communicate with your clients? Sellers may only communicate with consumers via the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, as stated in Amazon’s “Seller Code of Conduct.” According to the retail behemoth, any conversations sent through the program must “be necessary for providing customer service or fulfilling the order.” Additionally, it’s against the law to communicate in a commercial or promotional manner. Although it seems like a lot of limitations, the messaging tool still enables retailers to contact actual customers and request evaluations. 

Start by emailing your customer as soon as the merchandise is delivered. Ask them whether they are pleased with the goods in a courteous and succinct manner. Don’t send them excessive email spam, please.

[In a drop-down menu]

Email 1: Immediately following the purchase.

Thank you for purchasing *[product-name]*, please!

Body: Good day, [buyer-first-name]

We appreciate your purchase of *[product-name]*. You will receive three emails in order to assure prompt delivery, the first of which is this one.You may monitor your order here: [order-link]

Our first focus is making sure you are satisfied, therefore we work hard to provide top-notch goods and services. Make sure to feel free to get in touch with us or Amazon customer support if you experience any problems regarding the shipment of our merchandise. *[amazon-customer-service-link]*

We appreciate your purchase.

Dear Name and Designation,

After a few days, send a follow-up email to the person you emailed and get their opinion on the product. 

[In a drop-down menu]

Email 2: will be provided 2 to 5 days after the order is received.

How well is your [product name] performing for you?

Body: Good day, [buyer-first-name]

The initial of three emails we’ll send to you is this one. 

We hope that the [product-name] you ordered arrived in excellent shape. Our top priority is making sure you are satisfied. Please do not hesitate to reply to the following mail and let our team know about any problems you are having regarding the product or whether you have any queries regarding its features. At *[amazon-customer-service-link]*, you may also contact Amazon customer service. 

We work hard to guarantee total customer satisfaction, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on *[product-name]*. You’ll be done in only two minutes! You may submit a frank review of a product here: *[product-review-link]*

Your insightful comments will benefit consumers in the future and assist us in enhancing our offerings. 

my sincere regards, 

Name and Designation

Ask the consumer for seller feedback in a follow-up email if you get excellent feedback and ratings from them. Be succinct, but make sure they understand the value of seller feedback and how it might assist prospective buyers. 

[In a drop-down menu]

Email 3: Ten days after the merchandise is delivered, please send it.

Dedicated To Your Experience, Please!

Body: Good day, [buyer-first-name]

We really hope you’re having a great time and loving your new *[product-name]*. This is the final email we’ll send you about this transaction. 

We look forward to hearing from you at any time. Your comments enable us to improve and elevate our offerings for prospective clients. You can leave your comments at *[product-review-link]* if you haven’t already done so for your new *[product-name]]. You simply need to spend two minutes, and it will brighten our day!

You can react to this email to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about the product. If you have any more questions, you can also get in touch with Amazon customer support. *[amazon-customer-service-link]*

Please disregard this email in case you have already written us a review.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for your purchase!


Name and position title

NOTE: Don’t request nice reviews and don’t provide rewards for positive reviews. Asking for consumer feedback is strictly prohibited on Amazon, and doing so might result in the suspension of your account.

You’ll see that we were careful not to request a positive evaluation in the sample emails mentioned above. Always request candid feedback, and make sure clients are aware of the significance of evaluations. Furthermore, whenever you write an email that is specific to your clients, they are much more inclined to respond. When interacting with a consumer, you must always be nice and express genuine gratitude for the transaction. Treat others how you would like to be treated.  

Having said that, if you’re a big seller, it could be challenging to contact every one of your clients. 

Make use of product inserts.

Sellers may connect with customers and ask for reviews and comments by using customized product inserts. Be cautious while creating your inserts because Amazon’s stringent guideline on requesting reviews still applies. Inserts are a terrific approach to draw attention to some of the product’s most important qualities and advantages. Your inserts can also contain connections to your non-Amazon pages, such as social networking. 

Be sure to thank your consumers for the purchase, similar to when you send them an email.

Product insert illustration

Greetings, *[buyer-first-name]*

I appreciate your purchase. 

Our first focus is making sure you are satisfied, therefore we work hard to provide top-notch goods and services. Please share your thoughts about the product with us by posting an Amazon review. Your frank comments will enable us to provide better service to our future clients. Simply go into your Amazon account, go to “Your orders,” then select “Write a product review” to share your thoughts.

For more information about our great offers and specials, visit *[social media links]*.

Are you dissatisfied with our products or services? If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll try our best to assist.

Your insert’s design must be given significant consideration in addition to its content. Ensure that the product insert is noticeable. I advise hiring experts to handle your design if cost is not a concern. You can get more Amazon product reviews by doing this. 

Make use of social media 

Nearly half of the world’s population, to be exact, uses social media. 54% of them look for items on social media. 1.5 billion individuals, to be exact! 

A captive audience may be reached and items can be promoted by companies through social media. Make sure to include a statement asking customers to provide honest feedback when advertising your promos or discount offers on Amazon. These social media campaigns are fantastic at increasing sales, and more purchases typically result in more positive reviews. Remember that you cannot reward favorable evaluations, therefore you should always request candid feedback. 

Certain groups on Facebook allow merchants to advertise their goods. These clubs used to be a tight-knit community that helped each other out. But many of these groupings are now overpopulated. Joining these organizations shouldn’t be discouraged, though! Advertise the products you offer in these categories as a priority. Even while the outcomes could occasionally not be favorable, it is still worthwhile to attempt. Always ask for constructive criticism, and use polite language. 

Program for early reviews on Amazon 

Enrolling in Amazon’s Initial Review plan is one technique to acquire reviews as soon as possible. As part of the initiative, Amazon invites consumers who have bought a product to give their honest reviews of it. Customers are rewarded by the retail giant with a little gift, often a $1–$3 Amazon gift card. This is unbiased feedback that the vendor cannot sway. Reviewers are chosen by Amazon at random. 

Your enrollment in the program is going to cost approximately $60. You need to be an Amazon-registered brand, have fewer than five positive feedbacks for your product, and meet the other eligibility requirements. As a result, this is the best option to obtain early reviews.

Set for Amazon Vine

Another excellent approach for sellers to gain early evaluations is through Amazon Vine. In the Vine program, you can sign up a product with fewer than 30 reviews. There isn’t a registration charge like Early Review Service. To get your items evaluated by Vine voice members, you must send them to them (for free). People with a track record of writing insightful reviews on Amazon are Vine voice users. Because the retail behemoth hand-selected them, they will be unkind toward your product.  

A warning, please. Make sure your product is of the highest caliber because Vine reviews are more critical. Otherwise, you might anticipate a few reviews and ratings of 1-3 stars. 

Consult the most reliable reviewers

This calls for a little nosiness—Access Amazon’s ‘Top Customer Ratings’ page. You can get in touch with certain of those individuals using the contact details or social media connections that they have provided. These reviewers’ opinions are priceless because some of them rely on them for their living. 

Finding the top reviewers who actively discuss goods comparable to those you want to be evaluated is also crucial. It could require some research, but they are reputable reviews, and their suggestions can be a huge help. You might need to provide a free sample of the product you want evaluated, much like with the Vine Program. 

Always just request candid feedback. There shouldn’t be anything to worry about if your product is excellent. The most convincing evidence of authenticity you can find on Amazon is probably a few of 5-star ratings from “Hall of fame” reviewers.

What not to do when reviewing an Amazon product

Now that you are aware of how to obtain evaluations, let’s examine what you ought to avoid doing to advance. 

Do not request recommendations from friends or relatives.

Reviews on Amazon should be as truthful as possible. Reviews are designed to screen out the bad actors and provide customers sufficient information to help them make a buying decision. This is the reason Amazon limits obtaining evaluations from friends and relatives. 

The least reliable informational sources for other clients are probably your parents! If Amazon notices “unusual” behaviour, they may potentially ban product reviews.  

According to Amazon, “For the purpose of helping to ensure the authenticity of Social interaction material, material and actions consisting of marketing, selling, or solicitation (whether either direct or indirect) are prohibited, which includes generating, altering, or submitting content with regard to your (or one’s relative’s, nearest friend’s, organizations associate’s, or employer’s) items or offerings.”

Similar to this, you shouldn’t deliberately try to harm a competitor’s listing by adding phony bad reviews. It exhibits bad sportsmanship, to start with. Additionally, it is against Amazon’s rules.

Use genuine review sites instead of third-party ones. 

In Amazon, bogus ratings are an issue. It is not hidden that. There are also a lot of services offered for a low price—by nominal, I mean cheap—on marketplaces like Fiverr that tout phony 5-star feedback and ratings. Similar to purchasing followers on social media, but with a drawback. The massive retailer is constantly fighting against bogus reviews. Are they performing well? That is questionable. Amazon has become aware about the situation and is working to find a solution, which is a given. 

While purchasing phony reviews might sound alluring right now, it occasionally backfires. The seller may choose whatever action they want to take, nevertheless I am not going to advise putting your company at danger in exchange for phony ratings. If you are discovered to be fabricating reviews, your account may potentially be suspended. You don’t want that, I assure you. 


What’s the most Amazon reviews I can write per week?

You should be limited to posting no more than five reviews every week, according to Amazon Support. Are Vine members perhaps exempt from this rule? Perhaps someone with more expertise might shed some light on this subject as I was unable to locate anything in the FAQ area that addressed it.

How many Amazon reviews are allowed each month?

Amazon has instituted a new restriction on user reviews: only 5 per week, except those for confirmed purchases. Alexa, AWS,   shipping, gadgets, Amazon Prime, and more are all covered in-depth by the internet giant’s native media.

A 6 month review: is this common?

Many businesses conduct performance assessments on a quarterly or even an 18-month horizon basis. But the majority of experts advise that you evaluate employee performance every six to twelve months.

Does Amazon compensate reviewers?

Though Amazon isn’t going to compensate you for feedback (it is not permitted), businesses can pay customers to post honest evaluations about their items in various other formats.

What does an Amazon review cost?

Amazon demands a $ 60-only once fee, that is applied when you get your first review, for covering the expense of all of these e-gift cards. Of course, the drawback is that you are powerless over who evaluates your goods and whether they’ll be kind or unfavorable.

Last thoughts

The selling on Amazon journey might go well or poorly depending on customer feedback. There are several dishonest methods for obtaining product evaluations on Amazon. Thankfully, Amazon consistently takes action against sellers who engage in unethical behavior. 

The truth is that if you have a fantastic product and customer service, you can obtain wonderful ratings – and fast. You may sign up for the Amazon Vine as well as the Early Review Scheme to start your first round of sales. 

In order to gain some traction at the start of your seller journey, you may also start PPC advertisements. It is just a matter of time until the sales start coming in if you have ensured that your listings are optimized

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